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A while back I found this funny piece of code for ruby applications that adds an “X-Chuck-Norris” header to all your site requests.

I changed the coding to make it so that it adds an “X-One-Piece” header to every request with One Piece quotes.

You can download it from my Github at:

Information Rack::OnePiece:
Insert X-One-Piece header with a random quote from One Piece into your rack app!

This project is a stupid simple rack middleware that will inject a header with random One Piece quote into every response.

Get It:
gem "rack-OnePiece"

Run it:
In your fabulous add some stuff:
require "rack/OnePiece"
use Rack::OnePiece

See It:
Curl your app:
curl -i http://localhost:5000

Here we go:
HTTP/1.1 200
X-One-Piece: "I'm gonna be the Pirate King." ~Monkey D. Luffy

Feel free to provide more quotes by updating the following file:

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