What is sociology?

Sociology a key sociocultural concept revolving around the study of society, social interactions, patterns of social interactions, as well as culture in the daily lives of people. Due to this human-related interaction and importance, sociology, therefore, is an important factor in human growth and development in the society since human beings in a contemporary society tend to interact in most aspects of social life. Sociology is, therefore, an exciting as well as illuminating social study field which analyzes and explain key concerns in human lives, both at the personal, community, and worldwide level. Sociology can be applied at a personal level to investigate and explore social causes together with consequences of social occurrences like gender and racial identity, aging, love, family interactions and conflicts, and deviant behaviors among others.

sociology helps in examination, exploration, and explanation of societal matters

At the community level, sociology helps in examination, exploration, and explanation of societal matters like poverty and wealth, school and education, crime and law, as well as discrimination and prejudices among others. Sociology at community level entails social movements, business and firms, and urban community among others. Globally, sociology helps in studying such things like migration and growth, economic development, and war and peace. The knowledge and concept of sociology attempt to be used in designing social policies and institutions with defined purposes of social change and development. In this regard, sociology helps in studying social problems through research and finding solutions to social problems. 

In closing, sociology improves socialization among individuals. Socialization is the process of learning, and internalizing societal norms and ideologies thereby help in the attainment of social as well as cultural continuity. Sociology advocates for the scientific study of human social affairs thereby providing knowledge and principles which are important in controlling social living conditions and improving them (social life conditions). Sociology, therefore, can be used for solving social problems through the establishment of social policies and institutions.

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