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How to have the Best Stargazing Experience from a Backyard Observatory

Passion is a driving force. It can make you crazy about things that are important to you. When you are passionate about something, you get too excited and forget to follow proper protocol. If you are a budding astronomer, or even a seasonal one, the chances are that you want to get to the top right away. And to fuel your fire for astronomy, you probably have a backyard observatory all set up for yourself. But if you are not careful about taking it slow, you might fail to get the most out of your observatory.

Before getting all amped up about inaugurating your sacred astronomer’s sanctuary, learn some tips to make the most out of your backyard observatory.

Look Up

Even though now you have a dedicated place to play astronomer, you should still learn to understand stars like a layman first. First, acclimatize your eyes to the starry landscape by looking up to the sky. If you don’t orient yourself with the stars, you will not enjoy the transition to a telescope to the highest degree.

Ask any star expert, and they would tell you first to use your unaided eye to comprehend as much knowledge about the pattern of stars as possible. Once you have achieved that milestone, move toward using a telescope.

Picking out the Right Telescope

A telescope is a sky watcher’s best friend. But choosing the best option for yourself can be tricky. There are too many options on the market for telescopes, so which is the right one for you? Well. There is no definite answer to that question.

The kind of telescope that you should use depends on your preference and needs. Do you want to observe certain constellations, or do you want to enjoy the expanse of the sky? Do you prefer a reflector or a refractor?

But how do you know that when you are a budding astronomer? You read up on it.

telescope tripod pointing the milky way in a desert landscape

· Read about stargazing

Raid your local library or devour books on astronomy online. Don’t go buying an expensive telescope (because most telescopes are expensive) without fully knowing what you would like or not. The most popular and widely read book on astronomy is ‘The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide’ by Terrace Dickinson.

· Get Astronomy binoculars

Telescopes can sometimes be a bit intimidating. And if you have kids roaming around your place (who can damage a robust telescope), then you should consider owning a pair of binoculars instead of a telescope. You can even keep both if you want to.

Keeping your Accessories Safe

This one is essential! Just because now you have a space for you astronomy utensils doesn’t mean you leave them open for the next time you visit. Keep every accessory safe if you want them to last longer without glitching. Keep your telescope cloaked so that the lens doesn’t gather dust or dirt particles on it. And keep all the little accessories like cords and red-light flashlights safe in storage units before leaving the observatory.

Use a Sky Watching Software

To have successful trips to your observatory, use a sky watching software so you know when and where on the cloud would you see the best constellations. Sky Night Pro is a great software that’s used by astronomers all around the world.

Don’t forget to follow the right protocol in your excitement of having a private astronomy studio. These tips would help you have the best experience of stargazing from your backyard.

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