Engineering has never stopped transforming the human imagination

Engineering has never stopped transforming the human imagination and its whims into concrete and highly useful things. For example, consider the invention of the telephone as one of the oldest examples of how engineering has transformed our lives. With the onset of the industrial revolution, the importance and influence of engineering grew at an incredible speed. Our day-to-day reality would not be as fluid and easy without the marvels of engineering, passing through mechanics, telecommunication, automated production lines, and more. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that, without engineering, our daily life would have been archaic. Today, the application of engineering covers all specialties. In the modern era, it would be almost impossible to find a product where engineering has no direct impact. From construction to agronomy, from medicine to teaching, to the ballpoint pen that allows us to write, engineering is of course everywhere.

The basic idea behind engineering is to eternally seek to work around complex problems

The basic idea behind engineering is to eternally seek to work around complex problems to simplify our lives. Throughout all eras of history, it is obvious how engineering has solved complex problems. Engineering has always played an axial role in all projects. Today, engineering helps us design utilities, gear, and smart programs that solve some of our tough problems. For example, engineers in robotics and embedded technology have developed robots capable of identifying and neutralizing bombs or explosive charges. Robots have also been developed to help in case of fires and natural disasters. Thus, the evacuation of stuck victims can be assisted and well planned.

These systems are the subject of several rigorous tests aimed at continuous improvement for their large-scale deployment. On the environmental front, engineers and scientists are collaborating to develop green technologies and ways to harness solar energy. These innovative achievements aim to reduce the amount of pollution released by the various stakeholders in the ecosystem. In new technologies, i.e., software engineering, computer science and telecommunications, and any specialty related to the Internet and networks, the future is quite fruitful. Therefore, engineering is about solving problems and turning dreams into reality. Indeed, as long as our strong will to build new things does not stop, the impact of engineering will continue to be clearly expressed.