What GDPR means to cloud service providers

General Data Protection Regulation intents to accentuate and unify information protection for each and every individual among the EU Union. Basically, it specifies how consumer data ought to be used and guarded.

With the recent requirements for companies and the new rights for consumer data, certainly the GDPR will have some significant effect on cloud service providers that deal with processing individual’s information.

Most Cloud Service Providers will have to understand their duties under the General Data Protection Regulation, embrace, modify and adapt accordingly. The following are some of the ways in which GDPR means to Cloud Service Providers;

Processors can no longer hide. According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it is the data controllers that are responsible for legal compliance rather than the processors. Cloud Computing Processors conduct the processing on behalf of the controller.

Technical and organisational measures the controller is reinforced to use only processor that necessitate adequate assurance to implement proper technical and organisational measures. In that direction, processing will match the GDPR requirement and guarantee the right of the information subject.

The controller and the processor are obliged to put into place technical ad organisational measures to guarantee appropriate security to the intrinsic risks to the processed data.

Employing a data protection officer to stay side by side with the GDPR accountability principle, organisations are supposed to introduce a data protection officer.

Subcontracting generally. In this case, the processor has no power to enlist another processor without having prior consent of the controller.

Documentation The accountability principle demands for new record keeping obligation on data processors. This document indicated extensive details of processing activities undertaken by the processor, as well as the type data being processed.

GDPR has completely changed how CSP operate in regard to data protection. The CSP cannot compromise your data unless you permit them to do so and the data still remain under your control.

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