4 More Actionable Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Allowing your kid access to the internet can be extremely beneficial for their mental and social development. It allows them to explore the world, exercise their brain and improve their communication ability from the safety and convenience of the couch. However, accessing the internet is not without its inherent dangers.

We already talked much about online safety for your kids in this previous article. Here are 4 more actionable tips to keep your kids safe online.


The internet is filled with many online threats. An unaware child can easily have their computer infected with a virus or malware, become a victim of online scams or even allow your whole home network to become compromised.

Use simple and plain language to educate your kids about such dangers lurking over the internet and how to identify them. The more you discuss with them about cybersecurity, the more they’ll to be able to grasp the concept and to avoid becoming targets of an online attack.


It is virtually impossible to monitor your kids’ online activity all the time. And, with new apps and social platforms constantly emerging, it can even be difficult to grasp what exactly your kids might be doing online.

Consider sitting with them and asking them to teach you about the internet. Ask them about such things as the latest social media platform that they are using or any interesting content they watched. Not only will you be able to acquire a better knowledge of your kid’s online habits but this will help foster more trust between you and your kid.


New threats are constantly emerging over the internet, which is why it is essential that you ensure that the software on your kid’s devices is up to date.

Cybercriminals are constantly trying to discover and exploit loopholes and security flaws within software. Companies frequently release software patches as part of their updates to prevent these breaches. If the software is outdated, it remains vulnerable to such attacks.


Understanding just how adept your kids are with using technology is necessary to properly determine what steps are needed to keep them safe online. If your children are just getting started with the internet, it would be wiser to only allow sessions under supervision. Once your kids start getting more familiar with the online world, you can give them more and more autonomy in their online activity.

But regardless of their skill level, it is important to give them their own devices rather than your own carrying your personal data such as credit card details. Remember they are kids and may not be fully aware of the consequences of their actions.

You can never fool-proof your kids’ online experience from dangers but by following these easy to implement tips, you can considerably reduce the risk to their safety online. Thanks for reading.

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