Security Software & Tools Tips – January 2020

In this monthly post we try to make you aware of five different security related products.

This month we have chosen for the following:
* Cloudflare’s Project Galileo
* Exabeam
* Fugue
* PSGeoFence
* Scapy

Cloudflare’s Project Galileo

Information from the Cloudflare’s Project Galileo website:

Founded in 2014, Project Galileo is Cloudflare’s response to cyber attacks launched against important, yet vulnerable targets, like artistic groups, humanitarian organizations, and the voices of political dissent. These attacks have become all too prevalent and powerful in recent years.



Information from the Exabeam website:

The Exabeam Security Management Platform provides end-to-end detection, User Event Behavioral Analytics, and SOAR. With Exabeam, Smarter SIEM = Better Security.



Information from the Fugue website:

Fugue Developer puts engineers in command of cloud security with tools for visualizing resources and changes over time.



Information from the PSGeoFence website:

PSGeoFence is a PowerShell module that aims to provide very simple GeoFencing capability.



Information from the Scapy website:

Scapy is a powerful Python-based interactive packet manipulation program and library. It is able to forge or decode packets of a wide number of protocols, send them on the wire, capture them, store or read them using pcap files, match requests and replies, and much more. It is designed to allow fast packet prototyping by using default values that work.


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