Ulyaoth repository 6.0 released

With the release of Ulyaoth Repository version 6.0, we decided to make some changes to our repository to make things more easy and streamlined.

We will remove support for the following Fedora versions:
* Fedora 26
* Fedora 27
* Fedora 28

They are no longer supported by Fedora and do not get security updates anymore.

We will add support for:
* Fedora 30
* RHEL 8

Since CentOS, Scientific Linux and Oracle Linux are all build from Red Hat and are fully binary compatible with Red Hat we have decided to make one single “RHEL” repository that users of those operating systems can use.

All packages will be built on an official Red Hat image.

So what do we support from now on?:
* Amazon Linux
* Amazon Linux 2
* RHEL 7 (Works with CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 7 and Scientific Linux 7)
* Red Hat 8 (Works with CentOS 8 and Oracle Linux 8)
* Fedora 29
* Fedora 30

To install or download our repository installer rpm please go here:

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Sjir Bagmeijer

Ulyaoth World of Warcraft Community


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